"After a lacklustre performance in Advanced Functions during the first semester of grade 12, I knew that I had to push even harder during semester two; in order to make up for my mediocre Functions mark. The problem was, math had always been my Achilles Heel throughout high-school, and I had two maths courses, Calculus and Data Management to be specific, during second semester. Luckily, I stumbled upon Allthingsmathematics, and with the help of Patrick I was able to effectively study and comprehend core math concepts which allowed me to excel in all forms of assessments. The one thing I love about Patrick’s videos is the clarity in which he presents core concepts and ideas. This reduces the friction in my learning, resulting in more effective studies. Furthermore, Patrick has always been quick to respond to emails and texts regarding school, math, or even life in general! This is something I hadn’t previously experienced with any tutor, paid or free. With the help of Patricks Calculus and Vectors videos, I was able to score a 95% in MCV4U1; which helped me immensely in gaining acceptance from top notch business schools in Ivey (Western) and the Smith School of Business (Queen’s)."

- Prajeya Parmar, Western University, Ivey Business Program (AEO)

"I came across Patrick in grade 12. His videos were extremely well done and taught in a way that was easy to understand. His website was easily accessible and simple to navigate. Whenever I had a question, he would respond in a timely fashion. He helped me achieve a 95% in advanced functions and a 96% in calculus and vectors. These grades helped me get into my dream program, Queen’s commerce."

- Charlotte Klajman, Queen's University, Smith Bachelor of Commerce

"In my grade 12 school year, Patrick had tutored me in 4 of my class subjects. He provided me with YouTube videos of my class topics, crafted by himself in a way that was so easy for me to understand the concept I had difficulties in. With the help of Patrick, I was able to achieve a 97% in Data Management, 97% in Advance Functions, 96% in Calculus and Vectors, and a 92% in Accounting. Without his help, I truly believe that I would not be able to accomplish what I have achieved in my final high school year."

- Jacob Tran, Laurier and Waterloo University, BMath and BBA (double degree)

"Honestly, I used to be very intimidated by math and I would use my calculator all the time because I didn’t trust myself. The reality for me was that I needed to get confident with math to do what I love ... programming! It was around this time that I found AllThingsMathematics and it was Patrick’s videos that saved me many times! Thanks to his continuous support, I was able to manage my busy schedule ( programming, work, school , extracurriculars) because math began making sense! I finished with a 92% in Advanced Fuctions and 90% in Calculus and Vectors . None of this would have been possible without Patrick’s support and great videos! Being a visual learned myself , it was great how he mapped concepts out so that they would be easy to picture ! For anyone reading this... you are not alone and you are more than capable of making it happen!"

- Laura Maldonado, University of Toronto, Computer Science

"I came across allthingsmathamatics in grade 12 while watching youtube videos to better understand the MCV4U's material. I liked Patrick's teaching style and his method of approaching questions which I found beneficial. Patrick is a dedicated and trustworthy mentor; whenever I had questions regarding the course material or help solving problems he would regularly reply to my emails. Due to living in another city I wasn’t able to get one on one tutor sessions, however, through the content (videos on every topic in a unit and mock tests) on allthingsmathematics, I was able to succeed in my final high school year and achieve my goals."

- Jeel Patel, Schulich School of Business (York), BBA

"I came across Patrick and AllThingsMathematics midway through my Advanced Functions class. I finished 3 of my units and did not do well in any of my unit tests and was really struggling understanding the course concepts . I knew I needed to improve my mark or else I wouldn’t get accepted into universities. Patrick’s videos were a blessing for me and saved my mark. Suddenly concepts that I did not understand no matter how hard I tried became easy to know. Patrick’s simple but in depth teaching style was perfect for me and because of him I achieved an 88 in Advanced Functions and scored over 95% in my final exam. He was also beneficial for Calculus as his videos helped me greatly since classes became online and I didn’t have a teacher on hand. With Patrick I was able to achieve a 90% in Calculus and Vectors even though it was online school. Without Patrick and AllThingsMathematics I don’t think I would be where I am today and get into top schools like Laurier and Waterloo. "

- Reuben Joseph, Accounting and Financial Management (AFM), University of Waterloo

"I am currently a Junior transfer student at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and I can confirm that the level of depth that Patrick enters for some of the topics in his finance courses, such as the Capital Structure and CAPM sections, are equivalent to what they’re teaching us here at Haas BUT, without a single grain of doubt, Patrick’s explanation of the topics he covered were much more coherent and concise compared to my finance professor, with all due respect. Our professor allowed us to make the final exam 70% of our grade and I was forced to take this option because I had done so poorly on my midterm (21/35, but looking back at it now, I would have done so much better had I come across patricks videos earlier). I put all my time an effort into studying for the final and thankfully, I came across Patrick and his finance videos before it was too late. Long story short, I went from a 21/35 on the midterm to 35/35 on the final exam. And because of the 70% policy, I managed to get a A+ in the class. My professor has been known to give out deadly finals (has a Ph.D in Finance from Wharton and in Physics) and has only had a handful of people get a perfect on his finals. I will recommend Patrick to anyone I come across who’s trying to learn finance."

- Aakash Patel, Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley Kinesiology, B.S. Business Administration

"Throughout my highschool years I was a student who understood the major concept but not the small puzzle pieces that made them work. As a result I would continuously fall in low 80s or at most mid 80s on every test that I had in grade 9, 10 and 11. By the time I finished grade 11 all my marks were in the low to mid 90s except functions. Come grade 12 and I knew In order to get accepted into a good program I needed to work on my math mark as I would be having 2 maths (Adv Functions and Calculus) this time. After doing some searching I happened to come across allthingsmathematics and let me say that the material provided by Patrick was just what I needed. Not only was it easy to understand, but it allowed me to utilize concepts and apply them to different problems in tests as well. As a result I was able to get a mark of 90 in advanced functions and a mark of 94 in calculus. I would definitely recommend allthingsmathematics to anyone seeking to learn math as a whole or anyone who just needs a minor clarification on a topic. Best of luck in all your future endeavours!"

- Aditya Sharma, Western University, Medical Sciences (BMSc)

"Calculus was by far my favourite subject in grade 12 and I assumed it would be in university as well. However, after attending a few weeks of lectures, I was getting very frustrated that I couldn’t follow or understand the material that my prof was teaching. I wanted to find a good and inexpensive alternative because clearly attending the lectures was not enough for me. I have never been a video learner so when I came upon the calc1000 site I was hesitant and expecting that it wouldn’t work for me. However, I ended up using it for the entire course. Not only is the site organized in the exact structure of the course outline including a section for past exams, Patrick’s videos are so clear and easy to follow and I soon found myself actually enjoying calculus again. Once I started watching the videos, I stopped attending the lectures simply because Patrick’s teaching style was so effective that I didn’t need to. I am so thankful that I found this site because without it I would have probably failed the course, and instead I ended up doing very well."

- Olivia Stein, Western University, Medical Sciences

"Throughout the year, Patrick was truly dedicated to ensure that I understood all course concepts. I was able to earn a 94% in my Advanced Functions course as I scored a 97% on my final exam. As I transitioned into Second Semester, Patrick had started making his Calculus & Vectors students YouTube videos for each lesson in the course. This was very beneficial as I would be able to use these tools as a study guide for quizzes, tests, and my final exam. I was able to achieve a 90% overall mark in my Calculus & Vectors course. Without Patrick, none of my goals would have been achieved. Whether it’s about work, school, music, working out (the list goes on), Patrick and I still talk at least four times a week. I'm very fortunate to have met him not only as my tutor, but as my friend as well."

- Kyle Desouza, Western University, Kinesiology

"Grade 11 was the year I began to see Patrick and it’s safe to say it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. In my grade 12 year he tutored me during first and second semester. Patrick made my dreams of obtaining an average above 90% in advanced functions as well as calculus and vectors a reality and I’m so grateful. He’s very patient and takes the time to make sure you thoroughly understand the concepts you’re learning, whether it’s with help from his videos, practice tests or him himself. He’s so supportive and dedicated to what he does and pushes you to do your best and succeed in not only whatever subject he’s tutoring you in, but anything you’re striving for."

- Ciera Kellesis, York University, Math and Statistics

"When I started calculus and vectors in the second semester of grade 12, I knew that some extra help could be needed. Since calculus and vectors is much different than other math courses in high school, some of the new concepts can be difficult when learning them for the first time. I came across Patrick via online advertisement and decided to check out his website. His videos are thorough and became extremely helpful to me and allowed me to actually understand the mathematics rather than just memorizing how do do certain problems. With the help of Patrick, I passed calculus and vectors with a good mark and was able to achieve my highest average throughout my four years of high-school."

- Chase Jankovic, Laurier University, Honours Business Administration (BBA)

"Mathematics and Calculus has always been a subject I struggled with. In high school, I watched Patrick’s Calculus and Vectors videos which helped me so much. When I went to Western University, I found myself lost. University Calc was much harder and I desperately needed help. When I found out Patrick was making videos for Calc 1000 I was so happy because I knew his videos were incredibly helpful. And I remembered right. Patrick explained all the concepts clearly, throughly, and in a pace that I could easily follow and comprehend. He covered everything that was on the midterm and exam. Whenever I needed help, Patrick responded quickly and was always so eager to help. I would recommend him to anyone who’s struggling with calculus, and even to those who aren’t, because he shows you multiple ways to approach problems and provides you with endless examples to further your learning. Without Patrick there is no way I would have passed the course since I found keeping up with my prof difficult. Thanks to Patrick, I passed the course with the mark I wanted. He made calculus not just bearable, but even sometimes fun."

- Julia Sawicka, Western University, Medical Sciences

"As a student returning to school to complete pre-requisites for engineering I needed a tutor who could help me understand mathematical concepts I hadn’t seen in a few years. Patrick is extremely knowledgeable and was very patient in explaining concepts in various ways until I was fully comfortable with them. His tutoring and videos helped me achieve near perfect grades on tests and assignments for both MHF4U and MCV4U as well as helped me prepare for exams. He was very accommodating towards my schedule and made sure I was ready for my tests and exams, and I truly could not have become so comfortable with math - a subject which I had previously been intimidated by - without his help."

- Oksana Chunitska, McMaster University, Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng)

"From grade 9 to 11, I never achieved above 80% in a math course. Knowing grade 12 was extremely important I sought out a math tutor and was recommended by many people to Patrick. Patrick was dedicated, patient, and extremely knowledgeable; answering any question I had. In grade 12 I took all 3 math courses (advanced functions, calculus, data management). He played an extremely important role in helping me get a 94% in data and a 90% in calc and advanced functions. Patrick also has videos and an abundance of extra practice questions assuring that you will be ready for any test or exam. Not only is Patrick a great tutor, he is also easy to talk to and made going to tutoring surprisingly enjoyable. He is one of the main reasons why I got into the extremely competitive BBA program at Laurier."

- Jatin Sehra, Laurier University, Honours Business Administration (BBA)

"Throughout my years in University, I have always struggled with specifically Finance courses. I was never able to truly understand the materials being taught and always relied on memorizing questions which did not work in the long run. After I contacted Patrick, I was able to not only understand the material clearly, but it also became a lot more enjoyable and easier to learn. Patrick provided step by step video instructions that aligned exactly with my course material in FIN 401. This overall allowed me to understand the material in a much simpler and straight forward manner. He kept in touch with me throughout the whole semester to ensure I was understanding everything clearly and I was on track to doing well in my course. Through Patrick’s not only very detailed and easily understood videos but also his willingness to help via text or email, I was able to achieve an A+ in my finance course this semester. Without a doubt, Patrick is the reason I was able to achieve this mark as I relied on his videos and explanations to learn and study from."

- Jessica Miele, Ryerson University, Business Management

"I would truly be lost without Patrick's help and am proud to say he helped me achieve an A in FIN 300 Managerial Finance, one of the courses I struggled most with in my program. Aside from the fact the videos are phenomenal with helping students understand the content in a simple and detailed manner, Patrick has always done a wonderful job of being available to answer any questions I had. Patrick is the type of tutor that cares about his students success, he always followed up with how I was doing in the course and helped me have a much more clear understanding of how finance works"

- Victoria Oliveira, Ryerson University, Business Management (BComm)

"Right off the bat, I was struggling in FIN300, finding myself dreading the subject. Once I discovered Patrick and his tutorial videos, I started to understand the entire course. Patrick’s videos helped me earn me an 89% in FIN300 and I wouldn’t have done it without him. Looking back at the course, I relied strictly on Patrick’s curriculum and beat the course average by a landslide which was just over a 50%. He is always there to chat when you need help and won’t stop until you fully understand. One of the most intelligent, kind and consistent people out there, can’t thank him enough for his help."

- Nicholas Gutierrez, Ryerson University, Business Management (BComm)

"Even before I met Patrick I have heard nothing but positive comments from my classmates that he had previously tutored concerning his work ethic, attention to detail, and being able to explain concepts. Patrick began tutoring me when I started Calculus & Vectors. I was happy to know that he was making YouTube videos concerning each lesson with additional example videos that vary in difficulty. If I ever missed a day at school I knew that Patrick's videos would help me understand the lesson on my own. When I was in the library and was done my homework, I asked Patrick for additional questions that I could do to better prepare myself for the unit test and he would never fail to challenge me. Without his help, I don't think I would be able to achieve my overall 90% in the course."

- Magda Banas, McMaster University, Kinesiology

"Managerial Finance (FIN300) is a course that everyone told me would be one of the most difficult courses in my undergrad. Entering the course, I realized that just simply attending lectures didn't really help me understand the material so I needed to find a better solution to do well. That’s when I came across Patrick's website "FIN300.ca". His videos covered everything that was being taught in class and the way he was teaching the material made me understand the content extensively. When I emailed him regarding questions about certain material, he was extremely prompt in replying and provided clear explanations. Because of Patrick’s videos, I can confidently say I understand all the material from FIN300, and managed to succeed in both the midterm and final exam. I will definitely be using his videos for FIN401."

- Naveed Mazumder, Ryerson University, Business Management (BComm)

"I am very thankful for the support and help that Patrick has provided me for my final year of high school. Math was never my strong suit but with his patience and very informative videos, I was able to better understand and enhance my knowledge for advance functions, and for Calculus& Vectors. Achieving a final grade of 86% for Calculus & Vectors, and an 80% in Advance functions. Patrick is someone who connects very well with all of his students and will do his very best to help you succeed in all your courses. Best of luck to all of you!"

- Nerris White, University of Guelph, Biological Science/Microbiology

"“If it weren’t for Patrick’s videos, I wouldn’t have been able to excel in one of the most challenging courses in my program, FIN401. Patrick’s videos made difficult topics straightforward while concisely covering everything you need to know in order to be successful at the same time. I didn’t need to read the course textbook ONCE the entire semester because his videos provide more practical examples and explanations for each topic. He takes you through a step by step process on how to approach each problem, including guidance on the course required calculator. After watching all the videos, you are fully prepared for anything the midterm or final exam throws your way"

- Julia Ciceu, Ryerson University, Business Management (BComm)

"Math courses have always been a subject I have had difficulties with in the past. Shortly before my Finance Midterm I discovered Patrick and his online tutorials for FIN300. Without his videos, I would have never been able to achieve an 87% on that midterm. Patrick is extremely knowledgeable on the topics and was always there for me if I ever needed help. As student who has a learning disability, I can’t begin to explain how helpful it was to be able to watch the videos and have everything explained at my own pace. Patrick was by far the most helpful and knowledgeable tutor I have ever had. I would recommend Patrick to anyone taking a Math or Finance course. Thanks to Patrick I went from hoping to just pass FIN300 to receiving an A- and was one of my strongest grades of the semester."

- Benjamin Mcdonald, Ryerson University, Business Management (BComm)

I started getting tutored by Patrick when I was in grade 11. With his help, I managed to raise my functions mark from 68% midterm to 90% final. He was very helpful and was able to answer all my questions easily. My study habits improved a lot as the library was a nice and quiet place to get work done. When I needed help outside of the library, he would send me videos to watch which were easy to follow and understand. I continued going to Patrick in grade 12 and with his help I achieved a final grade of 88% in Advanced Functions and 91% in Calculus and Vectors. Patrick’s tutoring allowed me to get into a University of my choice and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without him. Thank you!

- Arjun Dureja, Ryerson University, Computer Engineering

"Exceptional detail in both videos and notes provided in the course that are easy to refer back to anytime. Well thought through material that relates perfectly to the high school math curriculum. In the in class sessions, I was the most productive in a great learning environment with Patrick always double checking to make sure I understood the concepts to the best of his ability. Through this course I achieved my goals in both Advanced Functions and Calculus of over 90% for both final grades."

- Matthew Toxidis, Laurier University, Honours Business Administration (BBA)

"Working and going to school full time left me with limited time to study and lots of confusion regarding the complex course work presented in FIN300/401. Having no prior financial background or knowledge I found Patrick’s videos extremely helpful. He broke down every formula and walked students through each step. Patrick integrated simple, real world examples in his teaching. He worked with each student individually and was always available to answer questions. He was extremely organized, quick to respond to emails and accommodated my busy schedule. He knows this course inside and out and provides helpful tips and shortcuts to many of the problems. No one explains finance more straightforward than Patrick. From having dropped my first FIN300 course to receiving an A in both FIN 300 and 401 wouldn’t have been possible without Patrick. Thank you for helping me graduate!"

- Fazia Khan, Ryerson University, Business Management (BComm), Class of 2017

"Patrick has changed the way I learn finance. His videos are simple, organized, and surprisingly in-depth. Most weeks, I don't need to attend lectures; he takes the material beyond the whiteboard. I strongly believe that his website will be a major player in the future of financial learning.""

- Ryley Desrochers, Ryerson University, Global Management (BComm), Class of 2019

"FIN300 and FIN401 are probably one of the hardest courses that are required for Business Management students. Unfortunately, I ended up with not the best professors but Patrick’s videos helped me greatly! The videos had clear concepts that were not even mentioned by the professor. I would highly recommend using these as the number one resource for studying other than the textbook!"

- Areeba Ali, Ryerson University, Business Management (BComm), Class of 2020

"It’s safe to say that finance is definitely not my strong suit, however I am so glad that I found the finance material taught by Patrick, as it really helped me understand everything in the course. I watched the videos before my final exam, and honestly, I wish I found the material sooner because I would have used it for my midterm too. If it weren’t for these videos, I definitely wouldn’t have done as well as I did. While watching the videos, the material is so easy to understand, as Patrick breaks down each concept piece by piece, allowing you to understand one aspect before moving forward. Then he combines everything together so that you get the big picture and can put all the concepts together and make sense of it all. These videos were so helpful to me in FIN300, that I’m now using them for FIN401, and expecting nothing less than simple, and extremely helpful videos."

- Megan Navarro, Ryerson University, Business Management (BComm), Class of 2019

"I am so happy I found this website right on time, I don’t think I would have been able to pass FIN 300 without Patrick, I not just passed this course but also got a 88% on it! I would recommend it to every person who is struggling with this course, he not only makes a great work explaining the finance material but also replying to your emails with whatever questions you have about the course. Now my fourth semester has come and I had no doubts on using FIN401.ca in order to achieve a higher understanding in the course and getting a high grade on one of the hardest courses of the BM program at TRSM. Thank you again Patrick!" "

- Sabrina Ribeiro, Ryerson University, Business Management (BComm), Class of 2019

"Without Patricks help, I would not have passed FIN 300. I had to drop the course and retake it again. Everything became easier once I stumbled across Patrick's videos. I found him to thoroughly explain the concepts very well and it made it extremely easy to understand. I was afraid of finance before starting the course but with Patrick’s tutoring, I became more and more confident after learning from him and his videos. Patrick is very accessible and wants you to pass the course. I would recommend Patrick if you ever need to take FIN 300 at Ryerson. I ended up getting an A- in the course because of Patrick’s help."

- Owen Osinde, Ryerson University, Business Management (BComm), Class of 2017

"I’ve always struggled with math ever since I was young, so going into FIN300 I really thought I wouldn’t do well. I then found Patrick’s website after being recommended by a friend, and with nothing to lose I decided to try it out; a choice I’m very glad I made. Patrick’s videos did not only help me understand how solve a question, but they also helped me understand the concepts taught as a whole. And if that wasn’t enough, he’s always been available to help me even more. He want his students to do well and will go above and beyond for that to happen, and for that reason he’s been my favourite tutor so far, whether that’d be online and in-class."

- Adam Dabat, Ryerson University, Marketing, Class of 2020

"Throughout my time at Ryerson I have constantly been struggling with math courses as I find it difficult to understand. When I reached the point of having to complete FIN401 I started to struggle more. That’s when I came across AllThingsMathematics which was a total life saver. I honestly can’t explain how well Patrick explains the concepts and makes it so easy to understand. The videos are very informative and thorough. I felt much more relaxed since coming across Patrick’s videos as I started to understand FIN401 finally. Patrick also made sure to include questions with video solutions so you can have a better understanding. He also made sure to provide me with practice exams to further improve my knowledge! He’s an amazing teacher and truly helped me out during this crucial time for me to graduate."

- Vasuki Karunanithy, Ryerson University, Business Management (BComm), Class of 2018

"Patrick’s online lectures were vital to my success in FIN300 and FIN401 at Ryerson University. By allowing me to learn about important course concepts at my own pace, I was able to achieve an A- in FIN300 despite facing many difficulties throughout the course. Each of his videos are clear and concise, and his extensive knowledge of finance concepts make them an invaluable learning tool. His curriculum is extensive, with his online lectures covering the entire course from start to finish. Since high school, I have relied on Patrick’s highly professional and innovative approach to tutoring as a major key to my academic success."

- Daniel Mallia, Ryerson University, Business Management (BComm), Class of 2020

"One of the most challenging courses I have taken so far is Managerial Finance (FIN300). It is also a course that I dreaded because of the hype that people told me about. I knew that I needed to find a way to excel in the course, I happen to find fin300.ca which truly changed my learning experience. The same problems that my professors tried to explain were taught step by step in detail by Patrick. I even ended this course with an A. Patrick truly cares about everyone and even explains the calculator which no professor explains. Usually the professor would just quickly explain one way to solve a problem without providing any examples, while Patrick not only explained how to solve problems throughout real world applicable examples but also why they are important and what’s the purpose of it. I would like to thank him for helping me get through this course and I recommend anyone who is struggling with math or finance to check it out."

- Danish Nadeem, Ryerson University, Business Management (BComm), Class of 2019

"Without the help of Patricks videos and immense knowledge of finance i would of failed. He helped me fully understand the concpets present in the course in great detail. His teachings help students of any level fully comprehend the topics and succeed in the course. The videos are very informative and i would recommended anyone struggling in FIN to watch his videos. You can tell Patrick cares for his students and he cleared everything up for me for my midterm and final. "

- Marcus Schepis, Ryerson University, Business Management - Marketing, Class of 2020

"Finance 300/401 is a tough course but with Patrick's in-depth video of each topic covered in the textbook, it helped me understand and be more than prepared for the midterm/final. Patrick provided questions that your typical prof does not and gives you tips to help ace your exam with real-life examples as well. He is very organized with the course and very quick to respond to any texts or emails! Without Patrick's help, I would be a complete lost cause in this course. "

- Tristan Wong, Ryerson University, Business Management (BComm), Class of 2020

"When I first went into my Finance class, I thought the whole course was going to be extremely difficult and boring. My professor was not very easy to understand and the content was mixed up. Then I discovered Patrick's videos which saved me lot of time when it came to studying. Patrick teaches in a clear, easy way for all students to understand. I learned the content from each chapter extremely fast and aced all of my labs as well as exams. The Fin300 class flew by so fast because everything became so much easier after receiving help from Patrick. On top of that, he was always responding fast to any questions I had, making sure that I fully understood the content. Patrick's help and experienced tutoring skills was definitely worth it."

- Nicole Le, Ryerson University, Business Management - Marketing, Class of 2020

"Finance is a course that I greatly struggled with and definitely would say was one of the hardest courses I have taken so far in my university career.Lucky, before my midterm for FIN300 I discovered Patricks videos which helped me more than any textbook or tutor ever could. I can honestly say that it was thanks to Patricks amazing videos that I ended FIN300 with an A+ grade. He makes complex concepts simple and effortless to understand and I would certainly recommend his videos to everyone else who is taking that course."

- Anuj Agarwal, Ryerson University, Business Management (BComm), Class of 2020

"Patrick does an amazing job at turning a hard course into an easy one. His online tutorials go in depth and he explains all the concepts extensively. Patricks video tutorials cover all course concepts with emphasis on material that pertains to Ryerson FIN 300/401. I always finish watching his tutorials with a deeper understanding of the hard finance concepts. Patrick thoroughly goes through each concept and walks through various examples that are similar to one's we see in class. I highly recommend students to watch Patrick's tutorials if you are struggling with anything in the course. He helped me excel in FIN 300 and continues to do the same for FIN401."

- Erin Ellistan, Ryerson University, Business Management (BComm), Class of 2020

"Throughout my years at Ryerson University I have experienced my fair share of horrible professors, as a result I have heavily relied on self-teaching. Finance 300 was no exception, the only professor available was disinterested, unwelcoming and would completely disregard any student emails regarding questions about the course. Luckily for me I stumbled upon Patrick’s website and I was able to attain a competent understanding of course concepts and material. After my third lecture, I stopped going to class and strictly learned the course through allthingsmathematics. The instructional and homework videos Patrick has put together are of top quality and I found them to be of even more useful then my professors class. I would recommend Patrick’s instructional video packages to anyone having a hard time with FIN 300 or any other related courses."

- Isaac Canji, Ryerson University, Business Management (BComm), Class of 2020